No Booze For You!

Several days ago (7 to be precise) I decided that I needed to “dry out” for a bit.  I know this may come as a surprise, with the moniker I tout, but I tend to drink a lot.  However, as fun as that is, everything in moderation, as they say.  I could tell that my body needed a break, and so i determined to go “on the wagon.”  I knew it would be difficult, as it usually is48588421 when trying to break away from a chemical dependency.  And yes, I fully admit that I’ve had a dependency on booze for quite a while.  And it’s not just the alcohol itself, but also the routine of it, the ritual.  Coming home after a long day’s work, settling in on the couch with the wife & dog, and winding down with a few cocktails while enjoying the evening’s entertainment (lately that’s been Fallout 4, but that’s another addiction for another time).  Anyway, as I said, I could tell my body was finally getting fed up with the constant influx of inebriating libations, so I made a vow to dry out for at least a month.  I told myself that, with God’s help, I would just have to (altering a quote from one of my newest favorite films “The Martian”) “Willpower the shit out of this.” So, today marks the 6th day sans booze of any form, and to my surprise, it has been going much easier than I expected.  That’s not to say it’s been a cake walk by any means.  The first few days were easy, then day three hit.  More specifically, Night Three. While I didn’t have any overriding urges to run to the liquor store and grab a bottle of Sobieski (again, a surprise), the late night adventures of internal “itching” and hot flashes followed by cold flashes began in earnest.  The next day was rather hazy, I felt drunk and hung over at the same time. Which was strange, since no booze had entered my system for several days.  I guess that’s just the lingering chemical imbalance trying to right itself.  It’s been getting slowly better over the last few days, and last night, Night Five, was the first night since I’ve started where I was really missing having a Martini in my hand as I relaxed on the couch to watch some Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  But, I muddled through, and last night’s sleep was much more restful.  Today, I’m still feeling some of that haziness, as if I’d had a few shots an hour or two ago, but I can feel my body responding to this detox process positively.   My mind and thinking are clear, and my body feels more active, there’s more of a spring in my step.  So, overall, I’m glad I listened to my body and started this drying out process.  I just have to take it day by day and get through the planned month of no booze.  If things go as they’ve been going, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve been in a bar with friends, and in the liquor store shopping with my wife, and have had no problems with resisting buying or consuming any booze.  Yay me!  Once I hit the month mark, I’ll evaluate how I feel, see if I want to continue dry, or allow come cocktails back in my future.  I know if I do, it will be in much less quantities than it had been. More moderation.  Guess I’ll have to stop calling myself The Drunk Geek, unless I use it to mean drunk on life….ugh, how cheesy, never mind…where’s that Martini?

Goals….they say you should set them

So, beyond doing things hither and thither as The Drunk Geek, we really want to start getting things done, film wise. So, goals. Besides wanting to get back to Italy (vacation, not work), setting goals for us: Film “Heartless,” “Weekend Warriors,” and that other short I can’t remember the title cuz it’s late and I’m tired and slightly drunk. Also, finish writing “Handshake.” This, this is my pet project, something near and dear to my heart. I need to finally get it out of my head and on to paper and finally get this documentary filmed.  I REALLY need to get that one done. If I do nothing else in my life filmmaking-wise, “Handshake” needs to get made. It must.


“Drunkover” – When you drink too much on a “school night,” and the next morning you’re hungover, but still slightly inebriated.  Doesn’t make for a fun work day.  Blargh!  But hey, tomorrow: New York Comic Con!!  #NYCC

Hey Spammers, F U!

So, it’s been almost a year since our last post. Been a busy, distracted year (planning a wedding and getting married can do that). That said, this past year (where we haven’t been posting…AT ALL) has seen the most ridiculous amount of SPAM attacks on this blog.  Can’t figure out why, I mean, when we were posting (somewhat regularly), I saw very little SPAM, so what the Hell? Anyway, regardless, these Spammers can go jump off a bridge, cuz all comments have to be approved, declined, or marked as SPAM, so guess what guys? SPAM gets SPAM flagged, so your stupid, terribly constructed paragraphs aren’t gonna be seen by anyone but us when we kill your message.  So yeah, SPAM away, we’ll be marking it as thus…and enjoying some nice pan fried Spam with eggs, and baked beans.  And Spam.

Many Bothans died to bring you this election

On this eve of the Presidential debates I find myself wondering where the other candidates are.  I’m pretty sure there must be others running for President of the United States of America, but for the last several election years it has only been the “Big 2” as i call them. Not that i have ever voted for Ross Perot or the Green Party, or other such parties (Don’t remember much about them to be honest), but I always enjoyed having 3rd or 4th party members as part of the debates.  Their presence always added a wildcard into the mix, throwing off the Big 2 by adding in another perspective beyond what the spin doctors have already written out in their speeches. Alas, I have yet to find a politician that I can 100% get behind, saying “yeah! that dude ROCKS!!” but no, i find them, no matter how much i want to like them, full of double-talk and bull-Sh*t.  But, even with my cynical outlook on politics, I still have the following to impart to you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart:

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Moderate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jedi, Sith, Stark, Lannister, DC, Marvel, Wil Wheaton beard, Jonathan Frakes beard (former); it doesn’t matter what your political stance is….just make sure you vote! Many soldiers, citizens, suffragettes, Bothans, Red Shirts, Starks, and many many others died fighting for the right that you now have (and probably take for granted) that allows your individual voice be heard and make a real difference in determining the leadership of this great country!

So that said, Vote! …and drink and be geeky!

Geek Unexpected

20120809-193024.jpgIt’s always fun to find fellow geeks in unexpected places. I am traveling home to NYC today from Raleigh, NC after spending a week here on a business trip, and am writing this from the very nice Raleigh/Durham Airport while l wait for my plane. The trip hasn’t been the most enjoyable of business trips that I’ve undertaken, so l’m glad to be going home. l woke up especially shaky this morning, and…oh,wait, l guess l need to explain. l have a condition called “Essential Tremor.” It used to be called “Benign Essential Tremor,” but the medical community finally deemed that, while it is not a life threatening condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, it is life affecting, and therefore not “benign.”  This particular tremor is genetic (my dad has it, my sister has it, my niece has is, my grandfather had it), and, as l mentioned, is not life threatening, but it does affect the quality of life at times.  My tremors increase and decrease depending on a lot of factors, such as caffeine intake (which I shouldn’t drink at all, but l’m rather addicted to, so I pay the price), rest and stress levels etc.  Basically anything that can affect your body chemistry can have an effect on the tremor.  One body chemistry altering substance that actually improves/reduces the tremor, and science still isn’t 100% sure how it does this, is alcohol (which is makes this shaky DrunkGeek very happy).  However, doctors don’t recommend this as it can lead to alcohol dependency, plus the shakes seem to be intensified the “morning after.”  Mostly it is an embarrassing condition while in social settings. Simple tasks such as filling out paperwork, eating with utensils (chopsticks are all but impossible when the shakes are in high gear), or even raising a glass to your mouth, can all be difficult tasks, and the stress of knowing that people are seeing you this way only increases stress levels, which in turn fuels the shakes even more.  People see this and tend to think you are very nervous about something, some wondering exactly what it is you’re so nervous about, which brings me back to being exceptionally shaky this morning. So, I woke up especially shaky this morning, and it has been hanging around all day, even after making sure I ate well, though I haven’t stayed away from the caffeinated sodas that are one of my dietary downfalls (though I always drink diet, so there’s that). As I arrived at the airport this afternoon, I started to worry that security may see my shakes, and think that I am nervous about something, and thus hiding something, and pull me aside for special screening. That actually happened to me a few years ago flying out of San Antonlo, TX for one of these exact buslness trips. Luckily today I passed through the first ID/Boarding pass checkpolnt without issue, and moved on to queue-up for the x-ray machine. I pulled off my shoes, dropped my laptop into a bin, pushed all my stuff onto the conveyor belt, and stepped up to the x-ray machine, ready for the TSA to bombard me with radiation so they can take a peek at my gentleman bits, as they are wont to do. The TSA agent directing passengers into the x-ray unit, a very nice lady in her late 50’s or early 60’s, beckoned me to enter the unit. As I stepped in, she said “All right, a Doctor Who fan!”. This took me off guard for a second, thinking, how does this


woman know that I’m a Doctor Who fan. Then I remembered that I was wearing a Doctor Who shirt. I laughed and said “Oh yes!” I turned to face the machine, raised my hands, and got blasted with Gamma Rays, er…X-rays. When I exited the unit, she then asked “when does the new season come on?” All the while her younger fellow agent was smiling, apparently well aware of his partner’s geekyness and appreciation for the show.  After telling her when the new season started, l gathered up my belongings and moved along to the seating area to put my shoes back on, feeling much less nervous having passed through security, and for having had a pleasant and unexpected geek connection in what is normally a very nerve-wracking experience. A little while later, while waiting for my (still) very delayed flight, I wandered into one of the airport shops to get a soda. As the cashier was ringing me up she said “that is an awesome shirt!” And as we started discussing Doctor Who, the lady in line behind me leaned around to get a look at my shirt, and told us that her husband runs a Doctor Who shop in Texas. We then stood there for 15 minutes discussing Doctor Who and general geekdom, and how funny it is how it can pull together strangers in the oddest places. Those geek connections have been the best part of this trip so far. I say so far because I’m still waiting for my flight, and it looks like it may get canceled. Oh well, on the bright side, if it’s canceled, I’ll get to go back to the posh hotel I have been staying at and miss another day in the office tomorrow, which is always welcome.  (addendum: I did make my flight, and i’m back in the office today…

If you are interested in more information on Essential Tremor, visit